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Concept Testing of Broker Certification Training in DVD Format


The leading provider of broker certification training is considering packaging some of their training products in a DVD format. This research explores the reaction of human resources and training directors, from large brokerage firms, to the product concept and various potential features.


Present the product concept in an authentic manner without a working model. Gauge the participants' true level of interest to determine the product's viability.


Multiple days of personal in-depth interviews in the New York City financial district. The data from this study assisted in the design of a more detailed quantitative questionnaire, distributed nationally.


Identified a high level of interest in the proposed product, as well as in certain features that greatly enhanced its perceived value. Also noted certain topic areas that participants regard as inappropriate for this training format.

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Assisted various companies in the development of both DVD programs and Web sites for education, training and do-it-yourself purposes.

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