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Market Survey - Attracting New Online Brokerage Customers


A full-service brokerage firm wants to better understand how to exploit their online brokerage services to attract new customers.


Recruit a representative sampling of investors. Isolate online influences from other influences, as potential customers describe their individual processes of searching for, and choosing, a new broker.


Multiple days of personal in-depth interviews mixed with mini-groups, in a national sampling of key markets.

In addition to a detailed report, the data from this study were documented in a highlight video.


Determined that the company's online presence was one of several influential factors in its favor. Also identified key characteristics of the company's Web site which require improvement. Provided insight into what works and what doesn't, in terms of online advertising.

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Assisting an independent educational software company and another company with an innovative Internet service in refining their Web sites and creating pricing models to attract subscribers.

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