Medical Projects

Develop/Refine a Delivery System for an Injectable Drug for Handicapped Patients


A biotech company is preparing to release a drug for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Ironically, the drug requires biweekly injections, and the target patient population commonly presents with very limited manual dexterity. The likelihood of successful self-administration of the drug, using conventional injection delivery systems, is very low for a significant number of prospective patients. This research helps develop appropriate packaging, syringe and plunger designs for patients with limited manual dexterity.


Recruit appropriate participants with diagnosed rheumatoid arthritis and a range of levels of debilitation. Provide an authentic injection experience, using various prototypes, to a large sample of handicapped prospective patients.


Several rounds of personal in-depth interviews over the course of several months.


The final design resulted in a much higher percentage of successful administrations than did the benchmark delivery system. All aspects of the process - opening the package, assembling the syringe, loading and reconstituting the drug and injecting it - were greatly improved.

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