Medical Projects

Survey Physicians' Practices and Attitudes Regarding Transplanting and Alkylaters


A company wants to better understand how to increase the use and acceptance of its drug within post-transplant protocol. This research surveys oncologists and hematologists regarding current practices and attitudes towards the various accepted protocols.


Simplify the issues surrounding a very complex topic to an actionable level for the client.


Telephone focus groups with national sampling of physicians.

The interviews were conducted at the offices of the client, allowing interaction with the moderator before, during and after each group.


Determined that many physicians had little choice regarding which drugs to use, because the protocols were determined by their institutions or current studies. Those with a choice, offered very clear criteria which would be required for them to change from their current practice.

Related Projects Include:

Conducted similar survey projects with physicians through the use of focus groups, personal interviews and other methodologies related to current practices in rheumatology, dermatology, hand surgery, oncology, orthopedic surgery, angioplasty and gastroenterology.

As well, surveyed anesthesiologists and hospital pharmacists to determine the process required to add drugs in certain categories to hospital formularies.

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