Medical Projects

Facilitation of Physician Advisory Board


A company wants to introduce a new biologic, which is undergoing trials for the treatment of Crohn's disease, to a group of gastroenterologists. They want the facilitation of the discussion portion of a series of advisory board meetings to be as professional as the highly esteemed presenters.


The moderator must understand the nuance of the issues related to the use of biologics for the treatment of Crohn's disease well enough to lead a discussion of thought leaders in each region of the United States. The moderator must effectively use group management techniques to elicit the advice and concerns of a group of approximately 20 specialists at a time, while supporting the promotional objectives of the client.


Live, all-day meetings with 15-20 gastroenterologists, several presenters and staff from the host company.

A series of five meetings was conducted in key markets around the United States.


After viewing several detailed presentations, physicians discussed their reactions and advised the client on a range of issues related to ongoing clinical research and marketing.

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In addition to gastroenterologists, Next Step Consulting has facilitated numerous other advisory board meetings with medical professionals including dermatologists, rheumatologists, sleep disorder specialists and physicians who treat AIDS patients.

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