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Refine the content and design of a magazine featuring ideas for new homes


A company that publishes a wide variety of special-interest publications wants to improve the performance of an older product related to building new homes.


Provide insight into the needs and desires of magazine readers who are interested in new-home construction. Determine the potential stories and cover designs that are most likely to succeed.


Series of focus groups in key markets. Participants compared a current issue of the target magazine to its competitors. The groups were structured to allow comparison of the views of the target magazine's actual readers with views of readers of competing magazines. As well, some groups reviewed magazines at their homes (a detailed review), while others reviewed the magazines as part of the group process (a quick review).


Identified the perceived strengths and weaknesses of all magazines used in the study. As well, determined the best choices for future editorial content and cover designs.

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A similar research model has been applied to a wide range of magazines, including titles related to woodworking, outdoor decorating and entertaining, interior design and remodeling.

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