Publishing Projects

Guide the revision of a popular do-it-yourself title


A company is revising a popular, encyclopedic, do-it-yourself book related to home improvement and repair, and requires feedback from prospective readers about the proposed changes.


The original title is losing ground to newer, competing titles which offer different organizational and design approaches. The revision must maintain the loyalty of the original readers and compete with the new designs.


Several series of focus groups testing the incremental refinements of the new design. Some of the groups involved videoconferencing.


Identified the important strengths and weaknesses of the original title, as well as those of the competition. Helped to guide a design that included more content, more photographs and better navigational support than did the competitors.

Related Projects Include:

Supported the development or revision of a variety of titles including ones focused on self-improvement, cooking, wine, national parks and others. Some of these studies were in conjunction with supporting DVD products.

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