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Usability Testing of a Middle School Math Web Site


A client is adapting an existing educational math software application to work as a Web site for middle school-aged students. The wide range of possible design and navigational approaches requires testing to determine which are best for both students and teachers.


Understanding the personal thoughts and experiences of users as they work their way through a variety of common challenges required to use the Web site. Finding solutions that work for both teachers (who purchase the software) and middle school students (who use it).


Series of observed and moderated individual computer sessions with both middle school students and teachers. The sessions were spaced a couple of weeks apart, to allow for incremental corrections.

Participants were assigned tasks to complete representative of those required to use the Web site. Their sessions were observed and, at key points, participants were questioned regarding their experiences.


Identified a variety of navigational and design issues which numerous participants experienced as obstacles. A dynamic debrief with the product team at the conclusion of the interviews enabled rapid corrective action.

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