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Determine the viability of using voice commands with an Internet browser


A company has a prototype of an innovative product that allows users to browse the Internet by employing voice commands. Prior to finalizing the design and features of the product, they desire feedback from potential users.


Set up an effective method for users to experience the prototype product. Assist them in working within a new paradigm without any existing support information. Move past users' frustrations related to "prototype issues" in order to determine the important findings. Convert the client's office into a computer lab and viewing facility.


A series of mini-groups comprised of four to six participants was conducted at the client's headquarters. Prior to the mini-groups, participants sampled the product, some at the client's computer lab and others at their homes (if they owned robust computer systems).

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A video feed from the client's conference room enabled the team to view the groups on television from another office.


Participants responded well to the idea of using voice commands to drive a browser, but poorly to the execution. Challenges with the functioning of the prototype helped to identify the performance standards required for success.

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